Lose it app

I have been loving the ‘Lose it’ app for iPhone/iPod Touch!  I’ve been in serious diet mode the last few weeks and this has been a huge part of it for me!  Anyone who has read up on Biggest Loser’s weight loss methods know that one of the critical components of the plan is counting calories.  The Lose it app, which is completely free I might add, is an incredibly handy tool for keeping track of calories.  It’s easy to add in what you’re eating, it has a massive library of foods and their calorie counts, as well as the ability to add in custom foods and meals.  It also has a huge library of restaurant and fast food menus with calorie counts as well, so it literally takes just a few seconds after a meal to enter the calories consumed.

It also has an exercise tracker with calorie counts as well!  You can enter in your exercise and it will tell you how many calories were burned based on your exertion, weight and height (which it already knows).

For me, I’m a very visual person so I love having the graph for tracking my weight.  There’s just something motivating for me to see that graph working it’s way down.  I’ve never been wired for big picture goals and long term thinking – it overwhelms me when it comes to weight loss.  But I can behave until tomorrow, and I can set weekly goals, and having that graph really helps me to feel encouraged as I see it averaging down.

All this to say, if you’re counting calories and looking for an incredibly easy tool to use, this is the one!  Grab it off iTunes!  Anyone else using it?  What’s your experience been like with it?  What are some other recommendations for weight loss related apps?

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