Snow days (weeks?)!

What a week!  Micah and Caleb have managed to score about a week and a half off from school from all the snow day cancellations and Presidents’ Day weekend!  First we were slammed with over two feet of snow, then, when we were just starting to rebound we got hit with another foot and a half!  What a set of storms!  I heard a crack the other night that startled me and woke up in the morning to discover a huge chunk of the tree in our back yard had fallen off!  That was enough to get me motivated to shovel off the three and a half feet of snow on the deck!

The boys have been having a blast, though.  Heather snapped the above photo the other day; our front yard is littered with tunnels, caves, mounds, trails and more.  It’s some sort of snow community according to the boys, with very firm boundaries and territories that only they fully grasp.  Except Zachary; he feels it all belongs to him.  Even if every tunnel is empty, he is guaranteed to want the one that has someone in it already, and will holler at them until they vacate … at which point he yells at them to move out of the next one they went to!

I’m still wondering how I have four sons and still ended up doing all the shoveling!

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