Student small groups update … kinda

Wednesday was a TRIP.  I was all excited to go to small groups and everything fell apart!  I’ve been living in a household of sick kids that took a turn for the worse Wednesday afternoon.  Caleb (our six year old), who had had a fever but recovered, got off the school bus with a 105 degree fever.  Awesome.  At that point, the doctor’s office was closing up for the day, so when we called them and described his symptoms, that he had been sick, gotten better, and was not flying hotter than ever, they told us to get him to the Emergency Room as soon as possible.  Heather took him, which left me with the other three boys back at home scrambling to call the small group leaders and get it all covered!  Thankfully, we have a great team of volunteers that took care of it … although, we weren’t the only ones with an ER trip …

Yup, one of the middle school kids (Brady) managed to break his finger playing dodgeball!  Yeah, we don’t mess around.

So, there you go!  We’ll return to our regularly scheduled updates next week!

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