Do Hard Things (review)

I finished this book a couple weeks ago and have been meaning to blog about it – Darby recommended it to me, and she was absolutely right about how good it is!  ‘Do Hard Things,’ by Alex and Brett Harris, two 18 year old twin brothers, has a GREAT theme: teenagers rebelling against low expectations.  Their contention is that teens are capable of so much more than what they’re given credit for – and what they give themselves credit for.  Using examples of teens who have led movements, political campaigns, conferences, written books, become public speakers, and more, they write powerfully about the incredible potential that young people have!

I love the examples, the stories, and their powerful argument for the ability of teens to do hard things, and the tremendous payoff that it results in.  Personally, as a youth worker I’ve been blown away time and time again by what teens are capable of.  I’ve seen them teach, preach, lead teams, serve on church committees, take on tasks adults would avoid, and demonstrate time and again the potential the Harris brothers write about.  One of the reasons I’ve always loved multi-generation mission teams is that the adults always come back amazed at what the teens accomplish on the team.  Personally, I would absolutely love for adults to read this book and challenge the stereotypes they have about teens … and I would love to see teens read it to be challenged and inspired to rebel against low expectations!  Definitely worth reading!

2 thoughts on “Do Hard Things (review)

  1. Good read….a little long at the end. It felt like it was written by two teen guys! so I guess that makes it authentic!

    It's a great call for students. I made it the bottom rung for any students that wants to be involved in our Student Leadership Group…they have to read the book. I think it sets a tone of expectation for our students.

    nice job Matt!


  2. What I love about it is the energy students get when they find out about these two teen guys that are writing books, leading conferences, managing websites – it inspires them to action! : )


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