Sunday report (March 7th)

We had a great time at Student Quest on Sunday morning!  99 of us heard from our special guest speaker, Valik Grushetskyy (we combined junior and senior high).  He is one of our church’s missionaries, serving in the Ukraine as a pastor.  The picture is him with his family.  He’s actually from Ukraine, but our church has had a long history with him and his church, helping with building projects, hiring him as a summer youth ministry intern years ago, and has been a destination for our student mission trips many times over the years.  In fact, this summer our team will be headed there for the fourth time under the leadership of Ed and Pat (their fourth time doing it!).  He walked us through a slideshow explaining his ministry, what he does, what our team can expect, and spent time answering questions from our group.  All in all, it was a great Student Quest!  It’s been great having him here with us this week – he’s meeting with our Ukraine team, hanging out with us, and really helping us to prepare in ways we don’t normally get to for international trips.  You can listen to the audio on our podcast feed if you want, just go to!

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