Student Small Groups update (March 10th)

I think I spent the whole week in meetings and this update slipped by me!  We had a GREAT small groups last Wednesday night!  The middle school students were doing small group studies from Simply Youth Ministry’s Active Bible Studies; it was the study entitled ‘Picture Perfect.’  We spent the evening talking about how the Bible uses word picture to describe aspects of God to us and as an intro activity we took some fun pictures!  The one above was the best of the night; a handful of the kids were pumped to take a jumping shot and it only took two to get this one!

The high school kids were in week two of a five week series called Plugged In.  It’s a DVD series from Simply Youth Ministry working through five different themes; worship, evangelism, service, discipleship and fellowship.  This week the topic was discipleship with a lesson entitled ‘The Mind of Christ.’  The whole group started off together with the ten minute video, and then split up into their various groups for discussion, Bible study and prayer.

Wondering about the photo below?  Thomas, on the left, broke his wrist at the middle school winter retreat.  Last week, Brady broke his pinky playing dodgeball in the gym at small groups!  Sheesh!  Two injuries in two weeks?  Yikes!

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