Endless Night recap

Wow! Endless Night, our annual high school all nighter, was a BLAST!  We had a great turnout, a ton of fun, and a lot of great activities!  Basically, we took over the West Wing of our church building; in the gym we had several inflateables and basketball, the Loft had pool tables, foozball, air hockey and DDR, the Lounge was full of snacks, play-doh (go figure) and hangout space, downstairs we had a battle room with nerf guns, a couple video game rooms and a movie room.  We also spent part of the night on the road; ice skating and broom hockey at the University of Delaware ice rink (trophies for the winning broom hockey team, see below), and bowling at Prices Lanes.  We finished the night with a pancake breakfast back at the church.  All in all, it was an AWESOME night with a great group of teens!  Lots of prizes (gift certificates, iPod Touch, Endless Night t-shirts and a remote control helicopter), messy games, and a short message about Christ’s love.  If you want to see the photos from the event, check out our Facebook page at www.Facebook.com/SummitDE!

Meanwhile, I’m bouncing back … slowly.  I taught on Sunday morning, which was probably a mistake.  My brain definitely wasn’t firing on all cylinders yet!

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