Sunday report (April 25th)

This week we were in our sixth of six weeks in our series called HABITS, part of our annual teaching focus on spiritual habits that are a vital part of the Christian life.  So far we’ve covered the H (Hang time with God – quiet time), the A (accountability), the B (Bible memorization), the I (Involvement in church) and T (Tithing).  We’re using the series ‘Building Wise Habits’ from the Live Curriculum, a great four year resource we’ve been using this year in our small groups and some Sunday mornings.

Here in our final week, we talked about studying Scripture and how this discipline affects our lives, with a focus on Psalm 119:13-16.  I taught the senior high while one of our Joshua Team members, Darby, taught the middle school.  I love seeing the example our older teens set to the younger ones in these types of opportunities!  I used the above video as an opener for the senior high lesson; it’s another great one from the Skit Guys!

God has a plan to prosper us and give us hope. God has a clear direction that we find in the Bible. In our discussion time, we saw how being physically hungry should be similar to our hunger for God’s Word.  Take time this week to talk with your teenager about the small group discussion. Here are some questions you could ask your child:

  • What is one strategy that would help you become hungrier for God’s Word in your life?
  • If a friend wanted to start reading the Bible for direction in life, what suggestions would you offer?
  • Based on all you’ve learned and discussed in this series, how will you be able to grow spiritually on your own?

Thanks for your prayers for the teenagers in our student ministry. It’s a blessing to work with your student each week and see God’s plans unfold! Have a great week!

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