Chick-Fil-A ROCKS!

Last night’s summer mission trip fund raiser at Chick-Fil-A in the Concord Mall was a blast!  It felt like half the church turned out!  We filled up the entire restaurant, all of the tables in the food court, and a ton of benches!  And never mind the awesome people who picked up take-out to bring back home so they could still be a part of it!  All of the registers were cranking and the line went all the way through the store – but people had great reactions to it!  Instead off being upset about waiting in line, they were pumped that we had a crowd out!  I won’t know for another day or so the exact total of what we raised – Chick-Fil-A is generously giving our student summer mission trips 20% of all the sales we brought in, but what we do know is that the owner told us it’s the busiest they’ve been since the Christmas holidays!!!  CRAZY!

All that to say, I had a blast hanging out with people, watching my kids play, talking to church members I’m not normally in the same circles as, and loving the new spicy chicken sandwich!

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