Assorted thoughts …

  • I have less than a week to go before leaving for my first of two mission trips.  I am a mix of incredible excitement and complete terror at how little time is left!
  • Zach managed to get his head stuck between the rails in the banister.  Poor kid was a mix of terror and rage.  Part of me thought it was funny, the rest of me had a few moments of panic while I tried to figure out how to get his apparently too large head back through a space it shouldn’t have fit through in the first place!
  • Noah, our four year old, is the king of awesome quotes. Today, in front of the bathroom mirror with his shirt off he said, ‘Hey! I not getting a hairy chest yet!’  Granted, I had made a joke about how he could get one which led to his frustration, but I still died!
  • Watched the Smallville season finale tonight.  WOW.  It was AMAZING.  I loved so many things about it, but the opening minutes were my favorite!  Loved the music from the movies, the glimpses of the costume, the feel of it – awesome!
  • Micah, Caleb and Noah all finished their soccer season.  It was pretty much a blast.  Caleb is really, really good – especially for his age.  Micah has all the build and potential to be a great goalie.  Made me miss Bolivia!
  • Wow. On Glee, Quinn managed to get to the hospital and deliver a baby all in the time it takes to sing Bohemian Rhapsody.

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