Sunday report (June 13th)

Oops, I skipped a week on the whole Sunday report thing!  On June 6th I was actually preaching in the main worship services and Pastor Bo, our senior pastor, took over the student hour.  He was, as always, a big hit!

This week we had a combined student hour with me bringing the lesson.  Our attendance was lower than average, but I think there were a few contributing factors that caused that.  It was actually the last Sunday I will be at church until July 18th!  Between the mission trips to Maine and Chicago, I will basically be gone for the next month!  Yikes!  We spent the morning talking about the importance of living a life with mission, not just on mission trips but our whole life.  Where mission trips are so valuable is in many ways due to this principle – kids get a taste of what living a life for God intentionally feels like and realize it’s what they’re wired for.

We closed out the hour in prayer, with a bunch of students praying for our different mission trips happening over the next month, the first of which being Ukraine and Maine, both leaving THIS Friday!

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