Updates from Maine!

I’m finally posting an update!  I haven’t been able to get online – we’re really, really far north!  So far, the trip has been absolutely amazing!

Our drive up was long, but fun- the teens made a TON of bracelets to kill the time!  We stopped on Friday night in Portland, Maine, to visit Palace Playland, which was a big hit.  We spent a couple hours hitting the rides, checking out the beach and unwinding after a long day in the vans.  Saturday morning we continued on to New Sweden.  The team did a great job of getting the place cleaned up and set up for living here for the week.

Speaking of the team, we have an AMAZING group!  We’ve had great unity, a real spirit of working together and encouragement.  Last night at the team devos several of the kids spoke about how they loved how with the smaller group they feel like they’re getting to know everyone, everyone is hanging out together and we’re really loving being a team.

Each day the team spends some time in the afternoon working our way through a devotional for the week based on James and then in the evenings we’re gathering together for worship and team devotionals.  It’s been awesome to see the kids working through the book, helping each other find the lessons in James.  They’ve seen a lot of connections between what we’re doing here and back at home, which was the goal all along.

VBS has been great.  We actually use a local school as our site for it.  The teens have been absolutely rocking the lessons and leading the children here in the VBS program!  It’s so exciting to see our students shining in such amazing ways!

Well, that’s all I have for now!  Keep praying for us – we’ve hit the halfway point and it looks like we’re heading into some rainy weather.  Even so, our spirits are high!

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