Halloween was FUN this year!  I wish the photo was better quality; our camera battery was dead so I snapped this with my phone.  Looks like it’s time for a phone with a good camera!  For those wondering, Zach (2 years old) was a doctor, Micah (9 years old) was the Karate Kid, Noah (4 years old) was Spiderman, and Caleb (7 years old) was a Power Ranger.

We actually ended up hiking out about a mile or so to check out this one house that goes crazy with the Halloween decorations and even has a bit of a haunted house.  The boys were determined to see it since they pass it every day on their bus, so we trick-or-treated our way there.  It was pretty funny; Zach and Noah hung outside with Heather – they all heard Micah and Caleb screaming when the guy in the gorilla suit went after him!  Definitely an adventurous night for the boys!  And trick-or-treating that far resulted in what the boys consider to be a legendary haul of candy (now locked away with them allowed to pick 1-2 pieces a day if they behave at dinner and eat their food).

And yes, I’m posting the pictures of our pumpkins.  It was fun carving them and Heather actually made some pumpkin bread from them as well as roasted the seeds!

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