Sunday update: the Refuel series

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted an update on our Sunday morning student ministry program, Student Quest!  There has been a combination of factors – Christmas busyness, our big move into our new home, and spending the last couple weeks with a dead and gone computer (it should be arriving back from Dell’s worker elves this afternoon all repaired and full of Christmas cheer).

This last Sunday was the third and final week in a three week series based on Doug Field’s book, Refuel.  I have to admit, I love the book (I’ve blogged about it here, here and here).  In fact, we’ve been giving copies of it to our graduating seniors the last couple years – it really is fantastic.  The whole theme is about addressing spiritual emptiness and finding uncomplicated ways to connecting with God.  Anyway, this last year Simply Youth Ministry came out with a Refuel Series sermon/teaching kit with audio from a three week series Doug Fields did on the book at Saddleback Church, powerpoint slides, transcripts and outlines.  Awesome resource.  I taught through the series with the middle school students while Paul R, Dave C, and George F taught the series with the high school students.

Here’s what was unexpected – I knew people would like it, but it was to a level I didn’t expect.  After Paul taught the first week, George came and told me he had to get in on it, so he got week three.  After Dave taught the second week, Chris Z came and grabbed me and told me had to get a copy of the series to teach the college group.  After starting the series with the college group, who have been loving it, one of them told him it reminded them of a book they read last year and really liked (yup, the Refuel book we gave them).  I just love how excited all the different teachers were to be a part of it!  After we finished this Sunday, one of the leaders told me we should make it a regular part of our annual teaching schedule!

I have to admit, as a youth pastor, I love seeing my leaders and students getting excited about the material!

The best part?  I got the series for free using the reward points system at Simply Youth Ministry!  Sweeeeeeet.

3 thoughts on “Sunday update: the Refuel series

  1. Matthew: very cool! Thanks for sharing that with me…I appreciate it a lot. When I finally get my blog up and running I'll try to figure out how to connect with you so other youth workers can see this. Hope you're well…and skinny still.


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