Biggest Loser season 11

Did you watch the premiere of Biggest Loser season 11 last night?  I have to admit, I haven’t seen it yet … but it’s the first season I’ve been excited to check out in a while.  I love the idea of new trainers, of changing things up, and the other things they have going on.  I definitely thought the concept of giving the contestants four weeks immunity for being with the new trainers was a good idea – otherwise, what fan of the show is NOT going to choose the celebrity trainers they’ve been watching for years?  It also gives the new duo a month to get used to the gameplay before it really starts to matter.  All in all, I’m really intrigued; Jillians’ last season, new trainers, new twists – it all adds up to some healthy change for a long running reality show.  What did you think?

3 thoughts on “Biggest Loser season 11

  1. I agree that it livened things up. Loved the reaction of the contestants when they saw Bob and Jillian's reaction (you passed up immunity? What, are you stupid?) I could live without the the long build up to the reveal on who they are but I suppose I'll survive.

    Still trying to wrap my mind around a 5'8" guy who weighs 500 pounds AFTER he lost 130 or so!

    Just did my first weigh in of the New Year for myself. I'm up 15 from where I was a year and a half ago. Only put on 5 following my stroke so it could be much worse.


  2. I thought it was a great start. Kind of surprised that they are not showing more of the group that went with the new trainers. They haven't even introduced the new trainers to us yet. Hmmm…But they are doing an awesome job because they kicked the campus group's collective backside in weight loss! Perhaps they want the element of surprise for the at-home audience just like there was at the ranch at the end of the 4 weeks. The "shock & awe" of home different they all look after 4 weeks. Still love the show and the opportunity it gives to so many!


  3. My wife is long time fan, and admittedly so am I. Honestly though, last 2 seasons with 2 hour long, drawn out weigh ins. I fell asleep a couple times. Literally, sitting relaxing after a long day as a youth pastor, and somewhere in hour 2 just conked out.

    They need to add some new twists and excitement. Watch last night and I am intrigued


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