Week six diet update

Week six has come and gone and I’m still plodding away at my goal to be presentable to Dr. H, the doctor for Biggest Loser, this coming May.  Now that the holidays have come and gone, and May is looking a lot closer, it has been easier to get back into a calorie routine.  According to Lose It!, I was 1268 calories under budget for the week, but it was actually more like 669 calories under budget as it gave me credit for 599 calories from exercise on two of the days (walking, snow shoveling).  I do need to be ramping up the exercise, it just seems to be that it’s a lot more challenging to make time when I’m NOT competing for $250,000.  That little carrot sure helped back in the day!

I lost 1.84% of my starting weight last week, bringing my total weight loss to 9.73%.  Part of what has helped refocus me is that this week was the first week where I really started to feel like I was making some progress – it was a little more obvious that my clothes are fitting differently, and I’ve gotten some compliments – both great sources of fuel for the fire!

It has also been fun chatting on Facebook with the other season 3 contestants – we’re all getting really excited to see each other again.  They all hold a special spot in my life, our shared experience was intense and it will be so good to finally reconnect in person!

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