Ouch (Rob Bell quote)

Like the rest of Christiandom, I’m reading ‘Love Wins’ by Rob Bell.  That’s a generous statement since I’m only on page seven.  I think I just read this paragraph from page 6 three or four times … ouch …

So is it true that the kind of person you are doesn’t ultimately matter, as long as you’ve said or prayed or believed the right things?  If you truly believed that, and you were surrounded by Christians who believed that, then you wouldn’t have much motivation to do anything about the present suffering of the world, because you would believe you were going to leave someday and go somewhere else to be with Jesus.  If this understanding of the good news of Jesus prevailed among Christians, the belief that Jesus’s message is about how to get somewhere else, you could possibly end up with a world in which millions of people were starving, thirsty, and poor; the earth was being exploited and polluted; disease and despair were everywhere; and Christians weren’t known for doing much about it.  If it got bad enough, you might even have people rejecting Jesus because of how his followers lived.

That would be tragic.

2 thoughts on “Ouch (Rob Bell quote)

  1. Matt

    I am reading through the book as well and highlighted that same paragraph

    Regardless of what people may think or feel about his theology, etc.. I believe he is dead on correct in that paragraph. there is a subtle, but real, danger in that kind of Christianity


  2. I've always loved how Bell's questions and perspectives challenge my thoughts and opinions. He forces me to take a step back and think through my theology. I've always thought that's healthy.

    But yeah, that paragraph hit me like a ton of bricks.


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