Maine team update

The Maine team is having a blast!

Our trip up here was NOT what we expected! Friday saw way more traffic than anticipated – we spent close to twelve hours on the road before arriving in Portland, Maine. Because of a steady rain fall, Palace Playland was closed so we made a last minute switch to Jokers, a arcade/lazer tag/amusement/pizza place in Portland, which was great for all the kids to blow off their pent up energy at!

Saturday morning we woke up with intentions of an early start … and discovered one of the van tires was flat! And it was raining. Still. The four of us men put our heads together and managed to change the tire … after an hour or so of trying! Ug. While there was no traffic on Saturday, the rain was so heavy visibility was minimal which turned an anticipated 5-6 hour drive into something like 8 hours! Wow! Thankfully the Brigade Lodge was in great shape when we arrived and we were able to settle down and make ourselves at home!

Sunday morning we split up into groups and visited four local churches. It was great to compare notes on our different experiences! That night, we had a special commissioning time and anointing time for the team as we prepared to finally begin VBS! It’s hard to believe that after six months of preparations we’re finally here!

Our first day of VBS was amazing! The sun came out, the weather turned awesome, and the energy was high! We had a great turnout, reconnected with old friends, made new friends, and had a blast! Our spirits are high, the team is having a great time together and bonding well, and it looks like this is going to be an amazing week of ministry here in Northern Maine!

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