My blog wordle

I created a Wordle for the fun of it (it’s easy, click the link) based on my blog. Basically, it takes all the words I’ve written in my almost 1200 posts and took the most frequently used words to create the above image. Then, it scaled the words’ size based on how often they’ve been used in my blog. In other words, the largest word is the most frequently used word out of my frequently used words.

It’s actually fascinating to me because I think of my blog as primarily a youth ministry themed blog with some weight loss posts as well, but it’s pretty obvious from my word use that my blog may actually be a weight themed blog with some youth ministry posts! And honestly, I know most of my readers/blog frequenters are here to read about weight related topics (that comes through loud and clear when I check out the stats on individual posts). At the same time, my observation has been that my ministry related posts are the ones that generate the most comments (not including Biggest Loser casting posts – which have generated tens of thousands of comments).

Anyway, I thought it was an interesting view on what triggers my ‘publish’ button on my blog. Weight is a word that is present in my thinking, speaking and writing more than I even realize. What about you? What words do you use more than you realize?

3 thoughts on “My blog wordle

  1. I didn't notice that either – to be honest I didn't look at the wordle too closely! I didn't want to censor myself. 🙂 I suspect it's from my reviews and various posts over the last few years on Andrew Marin's book, 'Love is an Orientation,' and his passion about building bridges between the church and the gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender community.


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