Great games resource

I bought this Minute to Win It ‘Ultimate Party Pack’ earlier this year and loved it! It has about 15-20 games in it from the show with all the props and equipment to pull it off, as well as an instruction booklet and a timer.

The downside is that it is set up to play one person at a time, however, with all the props being simple things like cups, ping pong balls and playing cards, it was easy enough to use it as a guide and replicate it so I could have four people competing with each other to see who could finish a challenge first (instead of the minute time limit). It was definitely a big hit – all of the games we did up front for our Fall Retreat were based on this, and there are still a bunch we haven’t done. Part of what made it great was the audience response – the teens watching and cheering on their friends thought it was hilarious.

Anyway, all that to say it’s a fantastic game resource for youth pastors and it’s under $20. If you want to save time, you can order multiple copies of it so you can multiple contestants at once, or you can be like me and use it as a reference for buying the materials yourself (which was crazy cheap). You can find it here.

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