In Time

In Time was kind of an odd movie for me. On the one hand, I mostly enjoyed it, but for the most part it all felt like too much of a stretch for me. Even the basic premise, that everyone has a clock on their arm with time ticking down to their death. If we’re advanced enough to halt the aging process at 25 years old, and then potentially live forever if we acquire enough time, wouldn’t it be done it a more subtle manor? Would it really be a giant, glow in the dark clock covering an entire forearm that then requires all of the characters to try and hide their clocks in various ways?

On top of that, with time being the currency instead of cash, it just seemed way too easy for people to steal and transfer it. If you doze off someone could just wipe out your clock? Would it really be set up to be that easy? It’s easier to protect our currency now than in this fictionalized future.

And finally, the whole relationship between Justin Timberlake’s character and Amanda Seyfried’s character felt like a stretch to me.

But other than all that, it was fun enough to keep me interested until the end. But one viewing was enough.

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