First Grade visits Student Ministry

Last Sunday was a fun one! The first grade class has been studying the great commission during their Sunday School hour. As a project to go along with it, they started saving and giving their money to be used by the student mission trip to Jamaica towards the cost of the Home of Hope we’ll be building with YWAM in a handful of weeks! So a couple dozen of the little guys came over to Student Quest (our Sunday morning student hour), recited the great commission to the students and presented us with a card for the family moving into the home (the images above and below), and $167 that they raised! They saved their money, did extra chores, all sorts of things to make a wonderful gift to the family in Jamaica!

It was also fun to shock some of the people in the room when I pointed out that many of our current middle school students would still be in the youth group when these little guys transition up – I think they were all looking at each other differently for a few moments there! But for me, I loved see the crossover between the age groups. So often the teens are going to the childrens’ classrooms to help, teach and volunteer in different ways. It was exciting to see the children come to the students and bless and minister to them!

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