Biggest Loser: Families episode 12

Wow, what a final episode from the ranch!  Was everyone else relieved to see Jillian still has a contestant in the finale?  Okay, this might just be my suspicious nature, but I wouldn’t be shocked if Michelle and her mom had loaded just a bit the week before with the thought that instead of them being picked off two weeks in a row, they could have which ever one remains have a stellar weigh in and a guaranteed slot in the finale.  That would definitely be the move I’d make if I had a family member on the show – one of us in the final three is always better than none!  When a percentage of weight loss is literally a couple percentage points higher than the nearest competition I always get suspicious.  All that to say, though, I think it was brilliant if they did!  : )

It’s an interesting thing with Heba and Ed being in the bottom two.  Heba definitely has the greatest ability to win the whole show; certainly more of a shot than her husband.  He just can’t physically drop the same percentage that she could.  I think with a Ed, Vicky, Michelle final three we would see Vicky walk away the winner.  However, with a Heba, Vicky, Michelle final three we’d see Heba win.  Either way, I think we’re about to see the third female Biggest Loser (there was one in England before we had one).

Here’s my real thought about the episode, though.  I’m sick of the America votes deal.  That works great with shows like American Idol where they film it one day and the contestants find out 24 hours later.  As bad as that wait is for them, it’s over after a day.  Heba and Ed have literally been waiting for MONTHS to find out who will be in the final three.  They wrapped filming in the end of July … that was four and a half months ago.  That’s just torture.  Losing weight is as much a mental issue as a physical one and adding that kind of stress to the whole process might make for great entertainment for the viewers, but it’s just not healthy for the contestants.  I was mad about it in season five, I’m mad about it now.  I really hope Biggest Loser drops that gimmick for season seven.  Stop needlessly torturing contestants!

Tending the Temple Challenge week 12 results!

Sheesh … I’m waaaay late this week!  Sorry; lots of Christmas chaos kept me away from the computer!

This is it, people!  Less than a week until our finale!  I’ll send a reminder email out to everyone as well as post the info here in a day or so with what needs to happen for the final weight to count in the competition!

But more importantly, here are the results for this last week!  With a 1.97%, Felicia KILLED it and easily took the Biggest Loser of the week title!  Following right behind her with a 1.69% loss is Rebecca!  Fantastic work ladies!  Todd and Darren were literally hundredths of a percentage away from a 1% loss – definitely impressive after twelve weeks of this challenge!

My laptop was run over!


Well, my technology woes have reached a new low.  My beloved laptop of several years bit the big one last week.  The person who was using it, who shall remain nameless (NOT me), set it on top of the car … and then drove off.  We found the shattered remains a couple miles from the house on the side of the road, pieces scattered all over the place.  Not only did it hit the pavement at fifty miles an hour, it was possibly run over, and then rained on for about three or four hours.

I pulled the hard drive and ram out and chucked the rest.  Granted, it still had a year left on its extened warranty, but I’m pretty sure leaving it on top of a car voided the guarantee …

One Incredible Night video

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This is the music video I put together from the all nighter we had a couple weeks ago at my church, Brandywine Valley Baptist.  : )  It was a great night; we had an awesome turnout, a ton of activities and some superstar volunteers that made it all possible for the middle school kids that came out!  I think I was out of commission for a few days after, though – apparently I can’t go all night long without consequences any more!!!