Mandles: Candles for Men

I used this video today in Student Quest (our student ministry Sunday school hour).  I love it – personally, I want the Chuck Norris Sweat mandle.  It’s awesome.  Here was the tie in: we’re doing Christmas shoeboxes for homeless men, so this was a goofy video to supposedly give ideas for what men want for Christmas.  You can’t actually buy the video as a download from, but I happen to own the dvd it’s on (Father’s Day collection).  Great stuff!

Obama’s podcast


Just stumbled across this on iTunes tonight.  I know President’s have had weekly radio addresses for decades, but I’m pretty sure President Elect Obama is the first to have a video podcast.  Maybe it’s a little presumptuous to already be doing it – but regardless, it’s there.  In fact, it’s also on YouTube.  Personally, I’m thinking this is the way to go for the Oval Office from now on; I love that I can download them and listen to them when I want to … which is my way of saying, for the first time in my life, I’ll actually be listening/watching the President’s weekly addresses (it helps that they’re under five minutes long each).  I’d link to it if I knew how; but if you search iTunes for “Videos from the President-Elect” you’ll find it no problem.

Tending the Temple Challenge week 10 results (finally!)

Wow!  This took me a while!  I’m out of town for the holidays and the hotel we’re at had their internet out of commission for a few days because of a snow storm or something like that.  Whatever it was, it was driving me crazy!  I never realize how web dependant I am until I go without it for a few days!!!

We are in the home stretch!  December 16th is the final weigh in day!  Let’s give a push and finish strong!  Our winner will be announced on Wednesday, December 17th.  It will work like the kick off; I’ll post a picture that you have next to the scale when you weigh in (it will be different than the first one), it needs to be the same scale (but you can paint your toenails a different color), and we’ll see who our Biggest Loser is!

This week, Rebecca absolutely killed the competition with a 2.08% loss!!!  In week ten!  That’s amazing!  Jay was our other superstar this week, bringing home a 1.05% loss!  There might have been a couple others out there, but not many of you reported in!!!  I’m blaming holiday stress …

So, how did you all fare on Thanksgiving?  What were your secrets to success?

Wednesday Randomness.

Just a few random updates since it’s really late and I should be sleeping but I’d rather be blogging!

  • We’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving in Northeast, a town located in the Northwest corner of Pennsylvania.  Yup, you read that right.  You have no idea how much I like to joke about that.  It will most likely keep me entertained the entire eight or nine hours we spend driving there today.  Seriously.  Eight or nine hours.  In a vehicle with four boys between the ages of three months and seven years old.  This will not be creating an environment to inspire thankfulness in me …
  • I like the new XBox 360 dashboard system.  I’m still getting used to it, but I like it.
  • As much as I love shopping the day after Thanksgiving, I’m not really seeing any deals that are making me want to haul myself out.  I might sit this year out … which would be the first time in a long time for me.
  • I’m bummed that I forgot my PSP in my office.  I won’t have time to grab it before we leave.  Thankfully, I still have my Gameboy Micro – but I was really looking forward to getting some quality time with my PSP games.  Oh well …
  • I’m very excited that my new book, Destination Transformation, is finally coming out!  It’s printed, shipping soon, and I should have links on my site for people to purchase it within the next week or so.  I think in a lot of ways it really takes what I’ve tried to do with this blog to another level.  While I have a lot of weight loss resources here (somewhat unpolished … but it’s all free, so nobody’s complaining, right?), the book is full of inspiration stories from eleven of us about where we found the motivation and ability to actually apply those lessons.  Hopefully it will be a great resource to people in finding the inspiration to find the transformation they’re wishing for!
  • I am absolutely loving Heroes this season.  And The Office.  Those two are out of the park!
  • I am okay with Grey’s Anatomy.  The whole Izzy and Denny thing is just getting waaaaay too weird, though.
  • Fringe and Terminator are losing me.  I’m kind of watching them out of obligation at this point.  I’m thinking they’ve got until Christmas to redeem themselves, otherwise I’m giving all my love to the new season of Lost (in January), 24, and Smallville. 
  • Biggest Loser is almost done!  Then again, the next season premieres on January 6th, so we won’t really have any down time.  There’s a big part of me that wants Bob to finally have a win over Jillian … but if I’m honest, at this point I’m liking the black team contestants more.  Either way, I’m looking forward to seeing EVERYONE’S results at the finale – I’m sure they’ll all be amazing!
  • I’m starting to freak out about the new Star Trek movie.  I’m just giving you all fair warning.

Tending the Temple Weightloss Challenge weigh in!

Hey everyone!  Just a reminder from your friendly neighborhood blogger that Tuesday is weigh in day!  Email them over to me at at any point tomorrow and I’ll post the Biggest Loser of the week and 1% hall of famers on Wednesday (I’ll warn you now … we’re on the road all Wednesday morning, so I’ll be posting them later in the day)!

Also, I know I said I was going to post my Thanksgiving tips … but you should check out my post on the Biggest Loser’s Nutritionist’s tips!  She’s the one that taught me everything I know – her advice was everything I would say and more!  Check it out!