02 Jan

Over the last few years I’ve written and accumulated an assortment of tips and advice for those trying out for NBC’s Biggest Loser.  A lot of the advice would probably be applicable to other reality shows as well, but my only experience has been with Biggest Loser.  Feel free to leave questions, jump into the conversation, or leave advice of your own!

These are the tips I’ve written, with a focus on the video application (my video is what got me on the show). It’s also probably one of the best places online to discuss the casting process with other people: Biggest Loser Casting Tips (season 15)

Here are some links to my previous posts with casting advice; the link above is the most recent version, but the comments can be fun to read.  A number of the people commenting did end up on the show!

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Biggest Loser casting tips – My original post, when it broke past a thousand comments, I realized there were a lot of people out there curious about the Biggest Loser casting process!