Biggest Loser: Pink Team

I get such a kick out of the pink team!  Bettie Sue and Ali are absolutely killing it, pulling off great numbers, working through emotional issues and making for great television!  : )  I think my favorite part of the episode was when Bettie Sue was crying about how she couldn’t do it, there was no way, it’s impossible, she’s too old, too tired, too weak … all the while she was doing it!  Time after time she does what she thinks is impossible … which in my opinion, is the reality for most of us that struggle with weight.  We honestly have no idea what we’re actually capable of.  We honestly believe that we are failures and give up before we even begin because it’s just not possible in our minds.  But the thing is, we can do it.  We have to make a decision in spite of what we think is impossible and then just do it, regardless of the failure we might think is inevitable … because at the end of the day, I think we’re all going to be surprised at just how much each of us is able to do.  And there are no words to describe just how empowering it is to do something you thought impossible.  The whole world opens up!

6 thoughts on “Biggest Loser: Pink Team

  1. That would be cool, to see yellow reunite. : ) I wouldn't be surprised; weight loss is such an emotional and vulnerable thing, and being so isolated on the ranch for so many months … well, it's no wonder that there have been more marriages produced on the Biggest Loser series than any other reality show (I think!) – even more than the Bachelor!


  2. I thought the daughter making her mom apologize was rediculous. Dude, your dad left your mom to raise two little girls. I'm sure she did the best job she could. She made some mistakes. Give her a break! Making her feel like crap on national tv…dude, c'mon!

    I did laugh out loud when Jillian was all, "Are you going to die?" "YES!" and then when she put her towel over her head….so funny. great stuff.


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