Cianbro health talk

Over the last couple weeks I’ve been up to Cianbro in Pittsfield a couple times to give a motivational talk on regaining our health with the example being my own story.  I’ve been meaning to blog on this ever since I got back and I just kept getting pulled away to other things!  I was one small part of a larger health and safety conference that was going on at the company.  I have to say, I had a lot of fun interacting with the participants, fielding some great questions and telling my story.  All in all, it was worth the trip up north both times and I was impressed with the companies’ desire to see their employees be healthy and offer incentives to help motivate!

It’s been fun speaking at different companies and organzations, but I have to confess that I have a selfish motivation for doing so: it helps keep me focused on my own health!  I get overwhelmed when I think of being healthy in terms of the rest of my life … but if I just have to stay on track for a few weeks until my next speaking event or if I just need to behave until my next weight loss group … well that’s an attainable goal for me to focus on!  It’s all about keeping it manageable!

5 thoughts on “Cianbro health talk

  1. wow Matt, thanks for sharing that. I find myself getting overwhelmed with what seems an impossible amount of weight to lose, then spiraling into why bother…because it seems sooo far off and unattainable. But if I give myself short term goals perhaps that will make it easier.


  2. Matt,
    Thanks for coming to share you story with us at Cianbro.
    Exercise and Nutrition have always been a hobby and value of mine as well. and were a favorite part of my college education as an Athletic Trainer.
    As a Safety Professional for Cianbro I help push our Wellness program to all of our team members.
    It was GREAT to listen to your story last week. It was not only extremely entertaining but motivational as well.
    Congratulations on all of your successes and thanks again for coming.


  3. Matt,
    You are such a motivational speaker and were so generous of your time that you spent with us. I left out of our training that day with a renewed committment to stick to my goals. It is so hard to get started on the right track, to make the necessary changes, and to carry them out day after day. Listening to you though, it really pays off, whatever the challenge is that we could be faced with, to stay focused. This plays true in everything we do, both at work and home. Thank you!


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