Does life ever actually slow down?  Overwhelming would be putting it mildly right now!

Both of my summer missions trips are finished now (Maine and Nicaragua), which has left me tired but happy.  Unfortunately, it also means that I disappeared for a few weeks from the church and nothing else slowed down – nothing like coming back exhausted to a pile of people waiting for you to take care of a thousand things!  Yikes!

Did I mention I’m moving tomorrow?  Yeah, last month it seemed like a great idea.  Right now, not so much.  Having said that, I can’t wait to finally be living in the same state as the church I work at!  Finally!  The boys are all pumped about their new bedrooms, I’m pumped about the family room (time to hang up my autographed Star Trek poster!), and Heather’s pumped about the rest of the house!

I have been quiet on the blogging front which I intend to see change after this weekend – once we’re at the new place and I don’t have a mile long list of things to do (yeah, like that’s actually going away any time soon), it might be a little easier?

I think I need to sneak off and take a nap …

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