The Boys!

The Boys

I had to post this picture! My sister took it the other week when she and her husband were passing through on their way to visit relatives in the south.  It’s Heather and my four boys and Ruth and Logan’s two boys; my poor mom has no granddaughters!  From the left they are Micah (7), Zachary (1), Caleb (5), Noah (3), and my nephews Josiah (3) and Benjamin (1.5).  It’s literally a miracle that one of the bazillion shots actually came out with all them smiling at the same time – pretty much one or two of them were ticked off the whole photo shoot!  And at one point Noah was shaking his butt at the camera.  Not really sure why he was, but he seemed to think it was the thing to do while screaming, ‘look at my big fat BOOTY!!!’

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