Family Thanksgiving!

We had a good Thanksgiving!  On Wednesday we had Heather’s brother, wife and daughters over for a Thanksgiving brunch – Heather put together quite a spread!  It was fun to crowd around the table and spend the morning/early afternoon together!  Heather’s parents are in Florida with Heather’s grandma, so it was just us around here!

On Thanksgiving morning we went to church for the Thanksgiving service, which was beautiful in the new sanctuary!  It was fun to hear people from around the room share about the different ways that God has provided and why they’re thankful.  I was pleasantly surprised to see how much of the church turned out for it!  Last year we were away so I didn’t see it; this was our first time at the church’s Thanksgiving service.

After the service I popped over to New Jersey to see my youngest brother, which was good.  It wasn’t a long visit, but I didn’t want him to go a holiday without seeing any family!  I’m all jealous; he’s growing a full on goatee and crazy long chops.  How can we look alike in so many ways, yet I’m completely incapable of growing more facial hair than a middle school boy (no offense middle school boys!)!!!

We had a nice Thanksgiving dinner together; TONS of food!  : )  We’re still working our way through all the leftovers!  We spent some time talking about Thanksgiving and it’s origins.  Micah and Caleb had been taught in school that the Pilgrims were thankful to the Native Americans, and the Native Americans were thankful to the plants and animals and that’s why Thanksgiving was started.  I was mildly frustrated that God, the real reason they had gathered to express their thankfulness to, was edited out of the picture, but it led to us having a good conversation around the table so in the end it was good.  : )

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