What a week!

This week has been an exhausting one …

Yesterday was Noah’s biopsy.  We ended up spending most of the day there, but he’s a trooper and did awesome.  He brought his teddy bear he made at Build-A-Bear on his birthday (named Noah Bear), so they both got wrist bands when we checked in.  He also brought a gameboy and some games he picked out, and I had loaded my iPod Touch up with movies he picked out, so the kid was ready to go!  Is it bad that sometimes I think he does so good at the hospital because it’s one of the only times he has Heather and I all to himself?  One of the great things about the A.I. Dupont hospital is that it’s a children’s hospital, so the waiting areas are full of things to do to keep it fun.

One of the funniest hours was the one after they gave him some ‘happy juice’ (what they called it).  I’m pretty sure it got him drunk; kid was bouncing around, laughing and joking, flashing his Buzz Lightyear underwear at the doctors (he was in a hospital gown), and generally acting REALLY loopy and wobbly!  Very, very hilarious to see.

The biopsy itself went smoothly, and now he’s sporting a couple bandages on his face; they took pieces from two areas.  Hopefully they got enough!  The poor kid had to spend the whole day fasting (other than some jello for breakfast), but he still managed to do great!  Now it’s just a waiting game – it supposed to take anywhere from two to four weeks before we get the results.  Hopefully we’ll finally have some answers about the red marking that appeared on his face and won’t go away.

Did I mention that on top of that, a couple of the boys have been throwing up, and I got to have a root canal?  When we load up a week, we don’t mess around!!!  Sadly, there’s a good chance that I was the biggest baby of the bunch …

5 thoughts on “What a week!

  1. Matt,

    I can completely understand the "biggest baby of the bunch" and the thought that everything seems to happen at once. We will be continue to pray for Noah and the results. Keep us informed. God Bless.


  2. It sounds a lot like my life. I don't know how we parents survive! Prayer! Noah sounds like a great patient! Keep us posted. Thanks for sharing your family stories with us.


  3. No, no ideas yet – over the last year the dermatologists have tried a bunch of different creams, but for the most part they all have the same reaction – they haven't seen anything like it before. Not really something we've been excited to hear … given that this is one of the top children's hospitals in the nation! Hopefully the biopsy gives some better answers!


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