Easter at BVBC!

Easter was a blast!  Our first Easter worship services in our new sanctuary were incredible!  We definitely had a full house, which was a lot of fun – it was exciting to see the potential of our facilities being lived out.  What also made it fun for me was that there was no student classes today – we actually cancel Sunday school classes from 6th grade on up through adults for Easter because we want families worshiping together, and with the larger crowds out, on a practical side we need the parking spaces (people were there for an hour instead of two).  Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE working with students and I missed having the Student Quest hour, but I loved hanging out in the foyer all three services, greeting the congregation on their way in and out, and getting a look at things from a different perspective than I normally have.  I got to meet so many people, talk to so many parents, and even saw some friends from ten years ago!

The worship services themselves were absolutely amazing; incredible music, message, energy, worship – you name it, it was all so great today!

4 thoughts on “Easter at BVBC!

  1. So cool to have GREAT services while being in a new place and doing things differently…

    I see the title of your last post and I'm going to skip it cause I don't want to be convicted!!!!! 😉


  2. Hi Matt,

    Myt name is Ken Price and live in Naples, Fl. I was reading one of your web sites about biggest loser and you mention a possible casting call this Saturday April 10 in Bakersfield Ca. I was trying to attend it, but was also trying to confirm they will have it….hate to fly all the way out there for nothing. Thanks for your speedy response

    in Christ,



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