Random thoughts

I haven’t done one of these in a while, so here goes!  A collection of random thoughts, none of which are worth a blog post on their own, but together form a blog post that … well, it still may not be worth a blog post, but I feel better for getting them out there!

  • I love my wife!  She surprised me with a Nintendo points card the other day (kind of like a gift card for buying downloadable games).  Now I just have to decide what to get … I’m leaning towards Super Empire Strikes Back and Super Return of the Jedi (I already have Super Star Wars), but there are a few others that have caught my eye as well.
  • Speaking of video games, I’ve been playing my way through Castle Crashers with Micah, Caleb and Noah.  I love four player games that are easy enough for a four year old to play, but challenging enough that I like it, too.  It’s very satisfying to have the four of us working together through a game.  We’re also playing our way through Super Mario Bros. Wii; we’ve gotten to world six so far.  That game is TOUGH but awesome!
  • I’ve been reading more books on my iPod Touch lately than I read in actual book form.  I’m not quite sure when I started preferring reading in digital format – I love having all those books fit in my pocket, though.  I used to be convinced I would always need a literal book in my hands to enjoy it, but I guess I was wrong.  Which makes me want an iPad more than I used to … I could do my book reading on it …
  • I’ve had ideas for a couple books for a while now.  Kind of waking up that I need to get serious about putting together the proposals or it’s just never going to happen!  I think nervousness about rejection has been holding me back, but I’ve definitely put in the time writing articles, columns, and contributing to other people’s books.  If I’m honest, writing a book has been a lifelong goal for me – probably first started dreaming about it when I was seven or eight years old!
  • Lost is amazing.  Love it.  Sad and exciting about the looming series finale!
  • Somehow, Heather and I got hooked on Glee.  The show is hilarious!  Meanwhile, American Idol has been incredibly boring this season … can’t wait for it to finish.
  • Excited for the all nighter this Friday night … I’m going to be a grouch on Saturday!

That’s all I got for now!

2 thoughts on “Random thoughts

  1. Hi Matt!! I miss you McNutts. Do you know that Kindle for pc (mobile too) has FREE books. Many are Christian books, a novel way to get the word out. I picked up the Halley's Bible Handbook for the New International Version when it was a free kindle offering. I check the free offerings every few days. I am toying with the idea of an Ipod touch to replace my elderly Palm TC. I need it to synch my calendar, contacts and memos to my pc, think it can do it??? I paid more for my TC a bunch of years ago. Kevin is on his 2nd deployment in Afghanistan. Please pray.

    Blessings to all of you!

    Christy (Travis' Mom)


  2. Christy! I missed your comment here! I love Kindle; I don't have the actual Kindle, but I have the program on my laptop and the app for my iPod Touch – I read books on my iPod all the time now. It's really great.

    The iPod Touch can sync with your calendar, contacts, photos, etc. It's really great – I have mine sync with Outlook, which is really handy. I pretty much do everything on it now; it has wifi built into it, so I even check email, read news, etc.

    I can't believe Kevin is old enough to be in the military, let alone his second deployment!!! Wow! I'll definitely be praying for you both!!!


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