I’m losing the battle.

I picked up Noah from preschool today, he was proudly showing me the Phillies tattoo on his hand.  Micah and Caleb both loudly proclaim the Phillies to be their favorite (even though they don’t watch baseball!).  I bet even Zachary is going to start talking about them soon … he does seem to like the color red …

I was born in Philadelphia.  It’s not the end of the world.  At least it’s not the Yankees.  That would be bad.

3 thoughts on “I’m losing the battle.

  1. Easy. They will (of course) need to have favorite NL and AL teams.


    Red Sox


    Both teams even feature the color red.

    My favorite teams are the Pirates and any team that beats the Yankees.

    Go Rangers!



  2. LOL … true, true. My favorites (in this order) have always been the Mariners (I grew up in WA, was even an honorary bat boy), the Red Sox, and whoever is playing the Yankees. My problem is the heretics in my church trying to convince my kids to say the Phillies are better than the Red Sox out of spite to me!!!


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