Random thoughts …

Nothing worth it’s own post … but perhaps combined together make for a decent blog entry …

  • Tron looks like it’s going to be awesome.  Jim Bob and I are planning a Tron party to watch the original in preparation for the sequel, but the guest list is going to be limited to people that can appreciate how awesome it is.  And my sons.  Their education must continue and indoctrination in great sci-fi is an important part of that.
  • I’m excited and nervous about the new Green Lantern movie.  It could be epic or completely lame.  I honestly can’t tell from the preview, which has me mildly concerned.  At least it can’t be as bad as Episode 1 was.
  • Zachary (26 months old) came up to me yesterday and said, ‘daddy, I need diaper changed.’  And then he ran away.  I’m thinking if he can articulate it that well, then it’s time to get to know the potty.
  • Shows like Haven and Warehouse 13 rock.  The Event is losing me.  I’m still bummed about Caprica being cancelled.  When will V ever start up again?  And I’m okay with, but not a fanboy, of No Ordinary Family.  Smallville has been epic in it’s final season – they dialed up the writing from really great to awesome this season.  And Fringe?  Crazy cool this season.  All in all, it’s good to be a sci-fi nut right now.
  • Life needs to slow down.  The last couple weeks I’ve been at church almost every night.  I like the place, but I like my family more.  And we haven’t even gotten into our busy season of retreats and trips – December to February is my busiest time of year other than the mission trips in June and July.
  • Don’t believe me that life has been crazy?  I’ve only played with my XBox once in the last couple months.  Once.  Not good.  That’s how I unwind …
  • I think I’m bringing a nerf gun to the next church business meeting.  Anyone speaking when it’s not their turn … watch out!

And that’s all I’ve got.

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