Here we go again …

Rather than waiting for the new year, I’m making my resolution now … to lose some weight!  I am not where I want or need to be, which is always embarrassing to admit, especially after being on the Biggest Loser!  Argh.  I have a list of excuses and reasons for why it happened, but regardless, I have some excess poundage to drop.  Thankfully, the task isn’t as large as it was four and a half years ago when I arrived on the ranch – and I have a lot more tools to work with this time around, having learned a lot of great lessons while on Biggest Loser.  Last time I ended up losing 48% of my weight (yikes) … this time around, I’m shooting for around 20-25% weight loss total to be where I need to be. On the accountability side of things, I have a couple plans in place …

  • I’ve committed to heading out to California next May for a visit with Dr. Huizenga, the doctor at Biggest Loser.  There is no way I’m facing him without losing the weight, and no way I’m backing out of the trip.  The guy is the greatest tough love sports medicine weight loss expert out there.  Read his book – he’s amazing.
  • I’m going to post weekly updates on Mondays on my blog.  Basically, I’ll post how many calories I’m eating, how much I’m exercising, and what my percentage loss or gain was for the week.
  • I’m thinking about doing another online weight loss challenge on my blog (it’s been a while!), perhaps starting with the new year or the new season of Biggest Loser.  Anyone interested?

Here are my goals:

  • I have a little over 25 weeks from when I started dieting until I see Dr. Huizenga.  Losing 1% of my starting weight a week is reasonable and attainable with consistent work, and will have me where I need to be.  I would like to lose 1.5% a week just to finish sooner, but that gets unrealistic without exercising like I did when I was a contestant (two and a half hours a day).
  • As a 6’5″ man, my daily calorie limit is actually pretty high.  My goal is to eat 2100 calories a day (on Biggest Loser, I ate 1800-2100 calories a day right up until the finale).  It needs to be a healthy balance of fat, carbs and protein.
  • I would like to be exercising three and a half to five hours a week.  Having a YMCA next door to my church is a HUGE plus.

And finally, my first report (a few days late) …

Weekly Summary for Week of Monday, Nov 29th (I’m using the Lose it! app on my iPod Touch to track everything):

  • Monday, 11/29,  2032 calories
  • Tuesday, 11/30,  1995 calories
  • Wednesday, 12/1,  1706 calories
  • Thursday, 12/2,  2087 calories
  • Friday, 12/3,  2146 calories
  • Saturday, 12/4,  2052 calories
  • Sunday, 12/5,  1947 calories

735 calories under budget for the week.

Weight loss: 3.68% of my current starting weight this week.  It’s a good start, but realistically I know that a chunk of that is water weight that disappeared once I cleaned up my eating habits.

Total weight loss:  3.68%

Nutrient Summary:

  • Fat 19.9%
  • Carbohydrates 48.3%
  • Protein 31.7%

Exercise Summary:  0 calories burned.  Yikes – I admit it, with all the chaos of our move this coming Sunday, I haven’t started exercising regularly.  That begins next week once we’re in the new house.

4 thoughts on “Here we go again …

  1. Yeah, count me in. When I was in the hospital 6 weeks ago I lost 10 pounds which put me back to where I had been for a while. since then I've put those 10 back on plus a few more I fear. I'm probably looking at needing to lose 15% of my current body weight.

    Separate thought – BL spends a lot of time talking about weight loss with a smaller emphasis on getting in shape (the two are completely linked its just a matter of emphasis). I've noticed with the past couple "returnees" to the ranch that while they've lost weight they inevitably seem to be less able to stay with the rest of the group. Meaning they've lost weight but haven't done as well getting in shape I think.

    In the end weight loss is easy – liposuction will drop your weight. So will just lopping off a limb! I'd love to see Dr. H, Jillian and Bob talk a little more about getting into shape as a goal in and of itself.


  2. 'when I get lost, gotta start again…' DMB

    Congrats on being brave. Count me in on a weight loss challenge – Please!

    Cheering you on Matthew!


  3. Hey Matt! I would like to be a part of your contest again. I am thinner than I was when I won the first one you did, but I still need to lose about 60 pounds to complete my weight loss. Is there one going on soon? Also, I couldn't find your email address anywhere on here. Do you have one still you give out?




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