Week 8 update

Ug.  So, last week I mentioned how even though I was recording a weight loss it was only because I had been away from my scale all weekend and couldn’t get it logged in time for the Lose It! app to include it with last week.  Which means that the gain from the over eating last week … shows up this week.

So.  I gained back 1.84% of my starting weight, knocking me down to a total weight loss of 8.25%.  I’m starting to feel the clock ticking on having the weight off by the end of May.  My goal is to have lost at least 20% of my starting weight by then, which is now only 17 weeks away.  Definitely doable, but it would have been a little easier if I had stayed on track the last couple weeks!  I would be well over 10% by now!

Argh.  Back on the wagon.

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