Green Lantern review

I just realized after a year of shooting off my virtual mouth about Green Lantern, I never posted my thoughts on the movie once I actually saw it!

In short, I enjoyed it. The special effects were awesome. It was fun to see this character I have followed and enjoyed for the last 25 years brought to life on the screen.

My only disappointment with the movie was that I felt somewhat misled about how much of a role the rest of the Green Lantern Corp would play. All of the trailers, advertising, posters, etc., featured the rest of the Green Lanterns heavily – I thought the movie would center on them as a group, but in reality they were only a few minutes here and there.  Hal Jordan’s entire training and interaction with the other GL’s on Oa lasted all of a few minutes, and then it was back to Earth and Hal on his own.

Other than that, though, it was a great origin story. I enjoyed the humor, loved seeing it in 3D, liked the teaser during the credits (Sinestro trying on the yellow ring), and will be definitely hoping for another one!



3 thoughts on “Green Lantern review

  1. Thanks, Matthew. Now I want to see it even more. :o) Gotta love super hero flicks. I saw Thor a week ago. It was a bad copy but it was still a cool movie. The actor that played Thor did a great job portraying his character and I think it was even clean enough to let Lukas watch! :o) God bless U & your family, brother.


  2. Pretty much my feelings about the movie as well. I've always had a soft spot for GL and really looked forward to the movie version. The movie didn't let me down. I had gone by myself and so did something I almost never do. Left before the credits were over and thus missed the extra scene! That'll teach me.


  3. It wasn't even at the end of the credits … it was just a minute or two into it; it showed Sinestro eyeing the ring, then slipping it on to his finger, his uniform changing to the yellow uniform and a yellow glint in his eyes. Then back to credits.

    Jeremy, are you in the States or in China now? GL was fun – not as amazing as some superhero movies, but still fun!


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