Rob Bell left his church to do what?!?

I’m not making this up. It’s not a hoax.

Rob Bell recently announced he was resigning from his church and moving to California to work on a project he couldn’t reveal yet but was very excited about.

Well, the news is now out. Rob Bell and the executive producer of the (awesome) show ‘Lost’ have created a new show together called ‘Stronger,’ which they’ve sold to ABC. Talk about trippy! It kinda makes sense that a guy who put together ‘Lost’ would gel with Rob Bell, aka Mr. Nooma. I’m very intrigued about the show. The show ‘revolves around Tom Stronger, a musician and teacher, and his spiritual journey as he becomes a benefactor and guide to others. Music is expected to be a big part of the show, which features autobiographical elements as Bell is a former musician and played with rock/gospel bands in the 1990s.’

So, I’m intrigued. And I’m totally going to watch it. You can read more about it here.

3 thoughts on “Rob Bell left his church to do what?!?

  1. Let's hope Rob Bell's show is Biblically sound, and it's about glorifying Christ, and not "spiritual" in nature. Not a big Rob Bell fan, but I too will give it a shot. Has ABC definitely picked it up…it will air?

    PS: Keep up the great work Matthew!


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