Bits of Awesome and Not Awesome

So, apparently I’m becoming one of those geeks that snaps photos of other cars while I’m driving with my cell phone.

Above, please note exhibit A. Also known as ‘Not Awesome.’ All I could think while I drove behind this truck is, ‘I hope that porta potty isn’t … unclean,’ and more importantly, ‘I really, really hope those straps are going to hold because a car wash won’t cut it if they don’t.’

Below is exhibit B, or ‘Awesome.’ I snapped this bit of gloriousness while booking it to the hospital to try and catch up with Tim after the helicopter took him. It gave me three seconds of happiness in an otherwise horrible day. And then I gunned it past him and continued booking it to the hospital.

So for the record, the church cargo van can totally outrun the General Lee. That’s awesome.



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