For crying out loud, Biggest Loser!

I think I can honestly say I haven’t ever really cried over a Biggest Loser episode. Even when it was my own season, I teared up at some of the stuff with my friends on the ranch, but it never really moved me to that point. When season four premiered and they made what became the black team with Jillian think they were being sent home the first day (like what actually did happen to myself and 35 others on season three), I was really angry/agitated for a few hours, but that was different.

Anyway, I’ve been exercising my way through season 13. I watch it on my phone while I work out at the YMCA next to our church. Thankfully, I happened to finish the above episode at home instead of blubbering my way through it on the treadmill in front of a bunch of strangers! It got me TWICE in one weigh in; Buddy’s personal victories, and Mark’s reaction to his son Chism’s weigh in. It was a great picture of a parent not hesitating to put their child first.

Sheesh. That was unexpected. If you want to watch it, skip to the end of the episode.

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