For your viewing pleasure …

I haven’t done one of these in a while, so I figured it’s time. Basically, what’s losing me and winning me in the viewing wars. I’ve actually been doing a lot of my watching on my phone while I hit the treadmill at the YMCA – it’s my most relaxing hour of the day!

Alcatraz. I was excited about this at first but have been quickly losing interest. It’s a great concept that they have turned into a simple criminal of the week show. Oh well. And I was so excited to be watching Hurley again.

American Idol. Every year I say I’m over it and then it sucks me back in. This year I’m starting to think I’m genuinely over it. We’re 25 episodes into the season I and just don’t care – I think I’ve ended up sleeping through almost all of them while Heather watches.

Awake. The show rocks. I’m really, really hoping they don’t screw it up because so far I’m loving it.

Once upon a time. It’s a surprisingly fun show. I love how they manage to take old stories and make them new and fresh with twists that totally work.

Touch. I just started watching it. So far it’s a win, big time. Kiefer Sutherland is the MAN.

Biggest Loser. I haven’t watched in FOREVER, but with a youth pastor back on team grey I got roped in this season and have been totally enjoying it.

Fringe. As if I could ever stop loving this show. Love it.

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