Biggest Loser Binge?

I thought Matt and Suzy Hoover, the royal first couple of Biggest Loser (I love that Biggest Loser has produced many more marriages than the Bachelor series), made some great points in their video review of last weeks Biggest Loser episode.

I had a lot of the same reactions as them; wondering how in the world Chris would have gotten the jars of peanut butter and mayo, how she could have gotten the food, and who in the world binges with several camera guys right in their face? There were at least 2-3 people in there with her filming that. I loved Matt’s comment about the lighting being too perfect for a real binge.

What most viewers don’t realize is just how controlled, chaperoned and policed reality TV contestants are. Phone access is cut off, we don’t even get to have the room keys to hotel rooms, food can’t just be ordered – there is a tight, tight rein, and no time where a contestant is not unsupervised, whether through hidden cameras or production staff literally in the room ‘babysitting.’

Anyway, I thought Matt and Suzy were on to something with their conspiracy theories. What about you? What do you think? Real deal or staged?

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