“Pebbles is trying to die”

“Pebbles is trying to die.”

Not the easiest news to hear from the vet. He was right, though. After a few weeks of fighting a losing battle with some sort of bacteria, Pebbles – our pet Bearded Dragon, had to be put to sleep to end his suffering last week. We had tried medications and all of the vets’ suggestions with no luck.

The boys dug a hole under one of the trees in our back yard, and after taking turns filling in the dirt over his little box they piled bricks on top to make sure they remembered where he was buried. I suppose it’s good in the long run; the experience prompted a lot of questions and conversations about death, but for the moment we’re all kind of sad over losing him and the big empty tank is a depressing reminder.

We’ll probably be getting another baby Bearded Dragon soon and starting over. They’re great pets and more fun than I would have anticipated. We’ve all been trying to brainstorm new potential names … but can’t seem to come up with anything that tops ‘Pebbles’!


One thought on ““Pebbles is trying to die”

  1. I’m really sorry to hear about Pebbles. I enjoyed following his story. I’m sure it’s sad to see his empty home. Children learn about death and mourning at a level they can handle when a pet dies.

    Two suggestions for when it’s time for a new tenant: Scrub the tank well, and wherever possible use a bleach (like Clorox) to kill any bacteria that may remain from Pehbles’ illness. Better yet, check with the vet for disinfecting advice.

    Name – Roxy for a girl, or Rocky for a boy.


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