The Joy in Discovery

trek con

This past weekend I snuck off to a Star Trek convention in New Jersey … which Micah started begging me to come along to. I honestly don’t think he would enjoy it or I would have brought him. Finally, I said to him, look – this thing isn’t whatever it is you’re picturing. Basically, I’m going to sit in a room all day and listen to actors talk about what it was like making a show 20-50 years ago (depending on the series). They’ll talk about how they did it, what the scripts were like, tell some stories about hanging out with the crew and answer questions from the audience. It will be like that ALL DAY.

Micah was mystified – he told me it sounded boring and why didn’t I just go, get the autographs I wanted and come back home. Wouldn’t that be more fun?

I responded ‘no way!’ I love hearing that stuff! It honestly never gets old to me, even the stories I hear over and over! Micah decided he would pursue other activities for the day.

This is a strange post for me because I don’t usually reveal this level of geekdom, but I was thinking about it and it hit me that it’s really true that when you love something you never get tired of learning more about it. All of the little details, the stories, etc. It’s why we read about our favorite bands or actors, research our favorite moments in history, know every detail of every player on our favorite sports team. If we love something, we love knowing it more and more.

Which makes me wonder, if we call ourselves Christians and don’t enjoy the Bible, faith and the pursuit of God … if it gets old, or we don’t enjoy the same stories from the Bible, if we don’t want to know the background of the stories, we aren’t interested in hearing about it … are we just kidding ourselves? Shouldn’t a real faith in God prompt the same kind of joy in discovery that our earthly interests trigger?

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