Former New Tribes Mission (Ethnos360) mk’s speak out on alleged sex abuse


I’m proud of these former missionary kids from Ethnos360 (formerly known as New Tribes Mission) having the courage to bring painful truth to the light. Ethnos360 has not done all they can to protect victims and future victims; particularly in light of their refusal to disclose names of abusers they discovered through their recent investigations. Perhaps more public pressure like this will encourage the mission to do the right thing and reveal the names of abusers they have discovered and investigated.
Click here to watch the video.

One thought on “Former New Tribes Mission (Ethnos360) mk’s speak out on alleged sex abuse

  1. Matt, I don’t know if you remember me from Northlake Baptist Church in Longview.
    I can only imagine how difficult this article was to address and I applaud you for stepping out. I am so grieved and beyond words! This is atrocious evilness at it’s core. I pray for all victims, courage, hope and healing from a loving God who will restore.


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