Biggest Loser Casting Disappointment


Okay, so this is mostly a repost of something I wrote after casting wrapped for season six of Biggest Loser, but I know there are some people bumming over season seven casting finishing up any moment now and not getting the call they hoped for, so I thought it was appropriate to post again … also, stayed tuned for a weight loss competition right here on my blog that I’ll be posting about in the next day or so!

I’ve been getting a lot of traffic to my site on one page in particular: my Biggest Loser Casting Tips (and now also my Updated Biggest Loser Casting Tips (season 7) page).  Honestly, I just kind of threw it together because around casting time I always get emails asking for advice, so I figured it would be easier for everyone if I just did it all on the blog – I never dreamed it would be as busy as it has been.

Well, with open casting calls happening across the country today, the reality is that there are going to be thousands of disappointed people by tonight.  For my season, the fifty of us were choosen out of literally hundreds of thousands of applicants.  The odds are slim.  Hundreds, even thousands will turn up at these different casting calls … and if there was one duo picked from every city, the show would be maxed out.  Maybe you were one of the many that went out today, got your fifteen seconds with a casting director and are now reeling with disapointment.

Honestly, I feel the pain.  In many ways, I got that same rejection, that same cut from the show … on the first day of filming.  I was under the impression, like the other 36 at home contestants, that I was going to be getting at least a couple weeks at the ranch with the trainers, nutritionists, and more.  I had no clue whatsoever when I signed myself away to the show that I would be sent home to lose the weight on my own … but with America watching.  For crying out loud, that’s why I signed up for the show – I was so convinced that it was hopeless for me to do it on my own!  That’s why, more than anyone else, I was shocked at the results I had over the next eight months.  I never got to work out with the trainers, I didn’t get to live on the ranch, I still had to work my job and take care of my family, but I was able to lose the weight with Biggest Loser results on my own.

So here’s what I’m getting at.  For those of you who hauled out to a casting call and didn’t get picked … don’t give up.  Take that energy, the excitement of meeting so many others, the detirmination that said something needs to happen that it’s worth driving hours, standing in line, hoping for that shot … you want your health so bad that you would go through all of that … then it’s time to do something.  Join a local group, be like the Reality Of Weighting online group who were Biggest Loser casting rejects who went on to lose the weight on their own!  You have already stepped out for your health – just because Biggest Loser didn’t end up being the answer doesn’t mean it has to end.

If you want, use my audio from my weight loss talks to get a little more equipped on losing weight.  Follow my plan from the articles link up above.  Join Weight Watchers.  Sign up for Curves.  Just don’t let your energy die out today because some casting director didn’t recognize in those handful of seconds the truly amazing potential you have.  You are a dramatic transformation waiting to be revealed – go for it!

13 thoughts on “Biggest Loser Casting Disappointment

  1. I've been to many, many casting calls for fitness-related reality TV shows in Hollywood lately, so I've experienced the disappointment of "almost" getting it many times. It's all about numbers. You keep throwing some balls into the air, eventually one of them will stick. Just be persistent.

    One of my "flaws" to casting directors used to be my experience working in the adult film industry. I finally realized I needed to turn it to my advantage by being totally open about it with them. Casting people like real honesty about your experiences—don't hold anything back.

    Also, try turning your auditions into a game; before you walk into the room, ask yourself: "I wonder what's going to be fun about this?" Then be who you are.


  2. Just wondering if you have any idea how to find out when casting calls are and when applications/dvd's are accepted? I have searched but never get anywhere other than previous seasons. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I know it's off topic kind of, but I figured who better to ask! Thanks so much and congratulations on your accomplishments. You are a true inspiration to us all! 🙂


  3. I see what you're saying about doing it on your own. I'm sure that I probably could but here's my thing. What do you do when you can't afford any of those programs like weight watchers or curves? I'm a single parent struggling to make it for myself and my daughter and even when I'm sure i can find the time. I know i don't have the money or a good support system and most of the time i'm so depressed I find it hard to get motivated as well. I know that i'm good people and my daughter has a way better diet than I do so I'm not so much worried for her health as mine. I keep things i don't even eat, such as salad, in the house because my two year old does eat them. Even knowing that I don't have to worry for her isn't giving me what I need to concentrate on my self and still i don't have the money. There are several other things working against me but I'm not trying to write a novel. All i know is that I used to be bubbly and outgoing and now I've lost who i am and I want me back. I've always been on the "thick" side and it only bothered me slightly. Now I don't think about is losing the weight and being able to project myself as the me that I know is hiding inside. I could use any advice that anyone can give me. I'm 23 years old. I weigh about 220 and I'm only 5'7''. Help!!


  4. Kristy – I've posted everything I give to my weight loss groups here on my website for free … the only thing you would need to buy is an $8 calorie counter book. If you check out the menu options up on the top of the screen there is audio from my weight loss talks, summaries on how I lost the weight and more. Instead of signing up for an expensive weight loss group, find a couple friends to do it with. Get together once a week to weigh each other, etc., so you have some accountability and pressure to keep focused. You can do it! You're capable of more than you realize!


  5. Great stuff Matthew, thank you and thank you!

    Yes, I've tried out, but I've tried to encourage others for years that The Biggest Loser isn't their last ditch effort, that success happens at home.

    Thank you for writing this post, even though it's an old one, it's one worth circulating time and time again.

    Be blessed bro!


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