Noah has sleep skills


We had been putting it off as long as we could, but Zachary finally got too big for his bed and graduated to a full blown crib … which meant that Noah had to vacate the thing!  He was pumped to get his new Pixar Cars toddler bed, but it looks like he hasn’t quite got it figured out yet.  Yup, this is how he was sleeping in it when we checked on him the other night …

We have some strange kids!

4 thoughts on “Noah has sleep skills

  1. aww, so cute!!! love the new toddler bed. pretty snazzy. we couldn't keep josiah from throwing himself out of his crib around 18 months old, so he's been in his 'big boy bed' for awhile. 🙂


  2. Yeah, Noah lasted until he was three … definitely too old for a crib, but we were enjoying him being confined. It wasn't until about a month ago that he realized he could climb in and out of the thing (thanks to his older brothers). Now the trick is keeping him in the toddler bed …


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