Tales from the Tivo

Holy stinkin’ cow.  Heroes owns me this season.  My word.  I’ve loved the show since season one, but this one has definitely hit a great stride.  I love the stuff with Sylar, I love Hiro stories, I love this show!  The one thing I wish there was more of is multi-hero battles!  Let the powers fly!  I think that’s part of what I enjoy about the Sylar scenes … the guy tears it up.  I’m very excited about what’s coming next week …

In other Tivo news, Lost is pulling a very, very close second to Heroes.  They’re almost at a tie.  That show is BRINGING IT this season.  Which makes me sad that next season is the last season … but then, maybe that’s why this season is so awesome: they are answering a ton of stuff about the island which is AWESOME.  All the bouncing around in time, bringing the people back together, revealing the history of the island … every week I’m upset when the show is over so fast!

Battlestar Galactica.  Is anyone else freaking out that there are only a couple episodes left?  I mean, it’s nice and all that there will be a spin off show coming out in a year or two, but that doesn’t help my Galactica addiction!  Talk about not wrapping up the show the way I would have ever expected … Earth overrun and destroyed by the Cylons?  Galactica falling apart?  Human/Cylon alliance?  What?  Wow.  I’m going to be so bummed when this ride ends in a couple weeks.

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