Culturally sensitive Bible?

I was looking around for some Spanish language Bibles to pass out to kids in Nicaragua when my team heads down there in a few weeks and I stumbled across this one.

Really?  Really.  I mean seriously?  A Spanish language Bible with a blonde, white Jesus on the cover?  Never mind the kids on the cover, the ‘Jesus’ just puts me over the edge!

I’m just completely mystified that this could be a tool for Latin American kids to think Jesus is interested in them …

One thought on “Culturally sensitive Bible?

  1. Spanish culture is very Catholic and that cover is very Catholic as well. Well 50's and Catholic! Look at when it was published I would be curious if that image dates back to the material I remember being given by Catholic family members as a kid. If you look at the image of Christ that has come from Rome for hundreds of years this cover fits that image.


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